Intellectual Output 5

Syllabus and materials for Intensive Study Activity

Implementation period: 1.10.2021-31.06.2022

Lead partner : Applicant UTH

Participating Organisations:

P01 CIHEAM-IAMM ;P02. UH ; P03. UNWE; P04. USAMV Cluj ; P05. ATU (GMIT); P06. UO

Organisation of the Intensive Study Activity

The aim of the IO5 was the preparation of the syllabus and the activities included during the Summer School (Intensive Study Activity in the field) at the mount Pindos -Greece (150 km from the University campus). The syllabus decided by the RUR’UP partners incorporates a) the specific pedagogical approach (learning outcomes, recommended target groups, programme, guidelines for the delivery, time involvement, and evaluation criteria and strategy), b) programme of activities in-class and in-field and c) necessary materials for the realization of the summer school.