Intellectual Output 4

Digital Teaching Platform and Digital Learning Resource

The RUR’UP digital platform will incorporate the  virtual Bank of Case-Studies  on innovative rural development in peripheral regions, including those of high nature value farming (IO3) and house the database of digital resources to complement the delivery of the e-learning course (IO2).

.  This will meet the needs identified in IO1 providing a bank of digital resources for educators enabling them to better support flexible learning.  That is an online platform containing a range of digital resources that enhance the online delivery of RUR’UP e-learning modules.

The main target groups are universities and higher education institutes delivering programmes in applied sciences (in particular related to agriculture, sustainable development and environment), together with professionals (farmers, advisors, trainers, NGOs) working in this field and seeking continued professional development to improve their competencies. It is envisaged that resources within the platform will be arranged per target group and per learning topic/module.

* Find below an introductive video with the e-learning platform of the module