C1 “RUR’UP Summer School 2022”

LTTA: Summer School RUR’UP 2022 – Sustainable development of peripheral rural areas in the EU



Allow testing and implementation of the produced educational material, and therefore evaluating the outcomes of this project, in developing peripheral rural areas.

It offers the consortium the opportunity to strengthen the problem solving and practice orientation of the project. 

Country of Venue, date: Pindos Thessaly, Greece, 17- 23/07/2022

Organisation by: University of Thessaly, GR


The Summer School was located in the Peripheral Rural Area (PRA) of Pindos in Greece. 23 students and 12 teachers participated from 7 HE partners, while 5 local stakeholders were involved in the field studies.

The main objective of the Summer School was to provide tools and skills to students in relation to stakeholders engagement and participation of local actors. The intensive course built upon learning provided in the project e-course (IO2).


The programme consisted of 7 days of intensive work structured around 6 main themes (elements of the participatory innovation processes). It combined in-class and field activities that took place along the mountainous area of Pindos: Mouzaki, Plastiras Lake, Kalabaka and Meteora. Activities were further framed under 7 focal questions in relation to stakeholders identification, engagement of stakeholders, challenges and needs for PRAs and comparisons between international cases.