UTH – University of Thessaly, Laboratory of rural Space, Greece, Coordinator


International Conference on ICT in Agriculture, Food & Environment, HAICTA 2022

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July to September 2022

Information on the Summer School annonce on site of University of Thessaly:  read more  Publicity Summer School

National agricultural newspaper:  open the post  

Announcement on Mouzaki local newspaper about Summer School: Post no1Post no2

February 2022

Announcement for the offering e-course on website of UTH Read more

PDF Files   e-course announcement      e-course newsletter TMXPPA      e-course TMXPPA      e-course_1 newsletter TMXPPA

Announcement on the Project

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CIHEAM-IAMM- Centre international des Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Méditerranéennes - Institut Agronomique Méditerranéen de Montpellier, France

October 2022

Information on French Multiplier Event 2 (E5) CIHEAM-IAMM social Network (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

September – October 2022 – and on

Information on RUR’UP Interactive Guide for professionals and Advisors on French Study Case – the Causses and Cévennes

CIHEAM-IAMM social Network (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) EICC Communication tools: open the link

January – September – October 2022

Several Meetings with other organisations and projects, Synergies and exchanges with:  LAB4SUPPLY project (PRIMA MED Programme)

CIHEAM-IAMM Social Network (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

June – July – August 2022

Information on Summer School (FR & EN) – CIHEAM-IAMM website and social Network posts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

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from June 2022 – and on

Project poster (EN) on CIHEAM-IAMM (physically displayed on the premises of the instittuion)

June 2022

Information on French Multiplier Event 1 (E1) (EN & FR) on CIHEAM-IAMM website and social Network posts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

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October 2020 – January 2021

Project presentation (FR & EN) on CIHEAM-IAMM website and social Network posts(Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn):  Open the link

CIHEAM-IAMM team member website (tristan Berchoux): Open the link

October 2020

Dedicated RUR’UP webpage within CIHEAM-IAMM website:

Project press release drafted jointly with our Associated Partner, the Entente Interdépartementale des Causses et Cévennes:     see more

Project webpage in CIHEAM-IAMM website (FR & EN):  see more

UH – University of Helsinki, Finland

28.09.2022: Meeting with personnel of RuralCom Erasmus+ project at University of Helsinki, Ruralia institute.

27.09.2022: Presentation of the e-course and its resources on EPALE at Ideas Market, during the Exchange days on agricultural development. Presentation.

12.09.2022: Pedagogical meeting.

23.8.2022 – 25.8.2022: National Educational Conference – Pedaforum.   Link No1   Link No2

Poster presentation:    Poster Rurup Herzon HEseminair Finland

2020:Information on the launch – University intranet. Read more

UNWE – University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria

Press release (PR) on Multiplier Event

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18.10.2022: Link No1  Link No2

10.10.2022: Link

29.9.2022: International Scientific Conference on Education system and results in peripheral rural areas in Bulgaria. Status and perspectives. Link

4.08.2022: information on the Summer School. Link No1   Link No2

22.03.2022 : information on the Online course (STEP news section). Link

July 2021: Presented of a summary of RUR’UP project and finding from IO1 in the National Rural Network meeting “Collecting ideas for supporting the structuring of the   national innovation ecosystem via AKIS” – “AKIS in the period 2023-2027”: Link  

PDF File    Kazakova-06.07.2021

21 April 2021: National Scientific Conference. Link

Project presentation (STEP projects section) 2021: Link No1   Link No2

February 2021: Information on the project launch. Link

Press release (PR) info on launch: Link No1   Link No2    Link No3   Link No4

Press announcements about the project in different media in BG: Link No1   Link No2 

USAMV-Cluj Napoca – University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj Napoca, Romania

26.09.2022: Presentation at a Erasmus + Staff & students international meeting (USAMV Cluj & `Faculty of Economics, Békéscsaba, Hu)

July 2022:  Social medial posts about E+ Summer school, Gr at the Departament FB (Departament of Economics, USAMV). Link

06.05.2022:  Conducted marketing about its ME during Agraria International Fair in Cluj;

Info about the ME and the project at Embassy of France in Romania -Raport/article Mission du pôle agricole en Transylvanie. Read more

FB post – DLG Marketing about ME organised in Agraria International Fair. Post

February 2022:  Info for students to join the educational programm on department site Link

20/1/2021: 5th Meeting of SCAR SWG AKIS 5th Mandate. “The role of education and training in the EU AKIS”:

  • Presentation of case studies and H2020 project related to the links between education and AKIS
  • How to mobilize the Erasmus+ program?
  • Situation and priorities in the member states

PDF Files:  Presentation_conference      AKIS_RUR’ UP_O1      Meeting_webinar_Agenda_20 Jan 2021

USAMV website

Information about the project Link

Information about the project on USAMV website  Link


ATU - Atlantic Technological University (before March 2022: GMIT), Ireland

04.05.2022 – 06.05.2022: Atlantic Technological University Digital Educational (DigitalEd) International Conference 2022. 

Conference Website: Link

Video of conference presentation: Link

PowerPoint presentation file: Link

08.03.2021 – 12.03.2021

National Green Week : The ATU Sustainability Session 2021. Link No1   Link No2 

A recording of the event on youtube (38’.31’’ 1.20’.01’’):   Link

PDF FIle:  Sustainability Sessions 2021

Project duration: Youtube Videos on RUR’UP Course Youtube Channel : RUPuP Course – YouTubeATU

UNIOS – University of Osijek, Croatia (Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek)

25.11.2022: Symposium organised by Agroeconomy Society in Zagreb: poster presentation on innovations in rural areas and novelties in education for rural development  Link 

PDF Files:  Inovacije Program      Poster Rurup HAED ZG 25.11.22

12.10.2022: International innovation fair “46th International Invention Show”, hold in Osijek in 10-15 October 2022,

Poster presentation of the results of the RUR’UP project  (golden medal). Link No1    Link No2  Poster Rurup INOVA 12.10.22

21.07.2022:   Social medial posts about E+ Summer school, Gr: Link No1   Link No2   Link No3

Multiplier Event

02.06.2022: Social media post about ME and the project Link

01.06.2022: Radio Osijek, Croatian radio and televiosion (HRT) : media coverage of the ME and the project. Link

Info for students to join the educational program

02.03.2022: Link

22.02.2022: Link

Information about the project: Link