Intellectual Output 6

Reflective report on the approach and methodology adopted

Implementation period: 1.11.2020-31.10.2022

Lead partner: Applicant UTH

Participating Organisations:

P01 CIHEAM-IAMM; P02. UH; P03. UNWE; P04. USAMV Cluj; P05. ATU (GMIT); P06. UO

UTH formed a methodology and provided the tools (questionnaires) for evaluating knowledge gathered in activities of dissemination, information sharing, and learning (workshop, MEs, TPMs, LTTA). The framework and methodology of project evaluation along with the tools (i.e. questionnaires), one for the workshop/event participants and one for the organizers had formed. Partners had discussed with UTH and confirmed the methodology and the tools. A report concerning the results of the monitoring and evaluation exercises conducted during the course of the project was drafted. It describes the rationale, the approach adopted and, furthermore, the methods and tools for the monitoring and evaluation. It also contains the lessons learnt by the evaluation, in order to be able to upscale the approach and implement it in different sectoral and spatial context