University of Osijek
(Josip Juraj Strossmayer
University of Osijek), Croatia

Partner: P06, Croatia

  • be responsible for organization of a national multiplier event: E6- National conference “RUR’UP Hrvatska”, with the support of LAG5

  • be responsible for the development of two case studies for the Bank of Case Studies (IO3) building on the high nature value farming innovation examples described under the HNV-Link project.

  • actively contribution to the other IOs and will disseminate the findings widely within Croatia and through its international network

Persons involved in project:

Associated Partner

Local Action Group 5 (LAG5), Croatia  –

LAG 5 from Croatia participated in the HNV-Link project so there were established contacts and cooperation that were deepened and extended in this project to other LAGs and local representatives from continental Croatia. LAG5, other LAGs and other local representatives were involved in consultations and discussions about the educational needs and labor market gap assessment (IO1). UO organized a national multiplier event (E6) with the support of LAGs in spring 2022. The collaboration with LAGs was particularly important for the development of the case studies under IO3, and also for dissemination of the project results through their networks (LEADER Network Croatia).