University of National and World Economy, BG

Partner: P03, Bulgaria

  • responsible for organization of the national multiplier event: E2- RUR’UP National workshop on innovative education for sustainable development in peripheral rural areas, in collaboration with STEP

  • responsible for the development of a module on valorization of local produce (Business and Marketing) (IO2) and related case studies for the Bank of Case studies (IO3).

  • coordinate the advisory target group folder/channel under the digital platform build (IO4).

  • contribute actively in other IOs and will also adapt and translate selected educational materials from English to Bulgarian and will disseminate the findings widely within Bulgaria and through its international network

Persons involved in project:

Associated Partner

Society for Territorial and Environmental Prosperity (STEP), Bulgaria –

The role of STEP was to facilitate the strengthening of the academic – practitioners’ network in  Western Stara Planina PRA. In IO1 it supported the identification of stakeholders from peripheral rural areas to interview and consult on the knowledge and skills needed from university graduates. In IO3 STEP provided the information for the local case studies, which UNWE updated and followed through the 2019 -2021 developments. It also distributed information about the E-learning course and the Summer school among its network, as a result of which two students (out of 10) enrolled in the E-learning course. It contributed to the ME2 – the agenda development, presentation delivery and invitations of stakeholders.