University of Helsinki, FIN

Partner: P02, Finland

    • responsible for the implementation of the Project Communication, Dissemination and Impact Plan

    • responsible for the implementation of the:

      • coordination of the IO2 “E-learning course”

      • co-coordination of the IO6 “Reflective report on the approach and methodology adopted”

    • be closely involved in planning, implementing and reflecting upon peer-to-peer learning within the partnership, with an emphasis on innovative pedagogies.

    • communicate the project IO during at least one of many national pedagogical events run by the University of Helsinki or other national HE institution in Finland.

    • actively contribution to the other IOs and will disseminate the findings widely within Filande and through its international network

Persons involved in project:

Associated Partner

Baltic Action Group: –

UH involved the Baltic Action Group as an associated partner to contribute to Finnish case study. This involved collection of material about Baltic Sea Group strategic plans and activities and interviews.