University of Thessaly, GR

Laboratory of rural Space, Greece, Coordinator

UTΗ (applicant, Greece)


  • ensure the overall coordination and management of the project.

  • responsible for the implementation of the :

    • IO5 “Syllabus and materials for Intensive Study Activity”

    • IO6 “Reflective report on the approach and methodology adopted”.

  • responsible for the Intensive Study Activity (RUR’UP Summer School 2022, Activity C1)

  • responsible for organization of the Greek multiplier event (E7 “RUR’UP Regional workshop on innovative education for sustainable development in peripheral rural areas”) with the support of Pindos Network

  • responsible for organization of the second (online) and fourth (face-to-face) transnational project meetings (TPM2 & TPM4).

  • actively contribution to the other IOs and will disseminate the findings widely within Greece and through its international network

Persons involved in project:

Associated Partner

PINDOS Network, Greece –

Pindos Network, the Greek associated partner, contributed to the realisation of IO1 for assessing gaps and needs on a local level. It also contributed to organizing the Multiplier Event (E7), and in the whole organization of the Summer School (C1).