Centre international des Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Méditerranéennes -
Institut Agronomique Méditerranéen de Montpellier, France

Partner: P01, France

  • be responsible for the implementation of the

    • coordination of IO3 “Bank of Case Studies”

    • co-coordination of IO5 “Syllabus and materials for Intensive Study Activity”

  • be responsible for organization of two Multiplier events in Montpellier, at:

    • international level: E1 – How to improve learning modules and curricula in the era of collaborative pedagogy? and

    • national/regional level: E5- Innovative education for sustainable development in peripheral rural areas: Participatory approaches to elaborate learning modules

with the support of the Interdepartmental Agreement of Causses et Cevennes (l’Entente Interdépartementale de Causses et Cévennes) for capitalising and disseminating RUR’UP methodology and participatory-collaborative approach between HE and rural territories.

  • be responsible for organization of the third transnational project meeting (TPM3) in Montpellier.

  • actively contribution to the other IOs and will disseminate the findings widely within France and through its international network

Persons involved in project:

Associated Partner

Interdepartemental Agreement of Causses and Cevennes (l’entente interdépartementale des Causses et Cévennes, EICC), France –

EICC  was the French associated partner and worked closely with PO1 during the whole project. As expected, the EICC expertise on pedagogical and educational approach on sustainable agriculture was crucial for the success and implementation of the project and they successfully supported the territorial approach and promoted the multi-actor platform in the French region of Occitanie. The French associated partner contributed to the dialogue and networking activities with other projects, actors and programmes related to peripheral rural areas development.

Furthermore, the EICC contributed to the organisation and implementation of the Multiplier events in France, and they participated actively in the E5 by presenting the collaborative work carried out between both institutions. The EICC participated on the elaboration of the Digital Bank of Case Studies (IO3) and on the elaboration of the French material and both institutions jointly created an interactive tool in French for supporting and raising awareness addressed to local authorities and other bodies. The EICC also contributed to IO1 by mobilising local actors in the overall assessment of territorial needs. In addition to that, the EICC was engaged in the dissemination and capitalisation of project results.